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Fuxin Long Rui Pharmaceutical CO.,Ltd was established in May of 2009 and has been constructed by the end of December and started trial production in February of 2015.Long Rui Pharma is one manufacturer gathering research and development ,production and sales of Pharmaceutical API and intermediates
Our company is located in Fluoride Industrial Park of Fumeng County.The factory covers an area of 40 mu, about 26000 ㎡,and there are 96 employees at present.It owns five standard production workshops, one standard refining-drying-packing GMP workshop ,total 46 sets of reactors.The total equipment capacity can reach 86000L.The current equipment facilities can meet the customers’ different requirements for different products.
The company has a complete quality management system, equipped with high precision analysis instruments, such as high performance liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph, UV visible spectrophotometer, drug stability test chamber, water determination apparatus, polarimeter , vacuum drying oven and etc.effectively ensure the quality and stability of the products.
Our company equipped perfect auxiliary facilities ,such as HVAC systems,purified water system,sewage treatment system,refrigerating system and tail gas absorption system and etc.
In line with the operation principle of ‘Safety production, Quality first,honesty and trustworthiness ,and sustainable development , Long Rui Pharma is devoted in anti-diabetics ,anti-viral and anti-neoplastic drugs, gradually building its own brand.and supplying high quality products and services to customers from all the world.

Statement: Some products listed in this catalog or in our website that are protected by patent, they are only for analysis and R&D but not for sales. Otherwise, the buyer shall take whole responsibility for it.



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